Study: Synthetic Cannabis Is a Dangerous Gateway Drug, Real Weed Isn’t

There’s growing evidence to suggest that if the British government genuinely wanted to make a positive difference, its archaic drug policy should be immediately and permanently overhauled. For far too long now, it’s been painfully obvious that cannabis has been unfairly and unnecessarily scapegoated as something of a historic folk demon. This, despite the fact that largely every contemporary study carried out into cannabis has proven it to be both safe and beneficial – if sensibly and proactively controlled.

Nevertheless, the UK continues to live under nonsensical law governing cannabis, which for the time being at least renders every form of  cannabis across the board illegal. As such, it is hardly surprising that this ludicrous legislation is driving members of the public – particularly those of a vulnerable nature – in growing numbers right into the arms of exponentially more dangerous drugs. Pot propaganda has repeatedly perpetuated the myth that cannabis is a gateway drug. In reality, there’s a terrifying danger plaguing the UK right now that is proving to be so much more harmful and influential than any form of true cannabis could ever be.

Synthetic Cannabis Causes Risky Behaviour

You’ve probably heard a lot about synthetic cannabis

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