Superette Rethinks Cannabis Shopping – Cannabis Now

Superette’s new concept stores sell cannabis, yes, but it doesn’t feel right to call them dispensaries. Especially Sip ‘N’ Smoke and the Stackt Supermarket, which look more like colorful odes to often overlooked, everyday shopping experiences at grocery stores, delis and diners.

These Canadian shops read like pop art expressions of what the normalization of cannabis can look like. Each store isn’t just another dispensary, and you won’t hear CEO and co-founder Mimi Lam or any Superette marketing materials using that term. “That’s a very cognizant choice,” she says. “At our core, we’re a retailer—we’re a retailer that sells weed, but we’re first and foremost a retailer.” 

Inside the Sip ‘N’ Smoke.

The Superette brand identity was built on a shared vision between Lam and co-founder Drummond Monro, who worked together at Tokyo Smoke, a Canadian cannabis company. Both shared equal respect for retail spaces and the customer experience, and both saw a gap in the market: Retail fundamentals and advancements weren’t fully being implemented in the cannabis industry. 

At a time when cannabis startups were longing to become the Apple Store of weed or branding dispensaries with names such as CannaThis or GreenThat, the duo ideated a different approach: Superette, a

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