Survey: 70% of Louisianans Support Low-Level Cannabis Decriminalization

Seventy percent of Louisianans back allowing adults to possess small amounts of cannabis for personal use, according to the 2023 Louisiana State University (LSU) Louisiana Survey. The support marks a “substantial increase” since the 2013 survey which found just 42% backed such reforms.  

The survey also found 90% of respondents supported cannabis possession for medical use. Louisiana does have a functional medical cannabis program. Last year, medical cannabis patient registrations were up 600% compared to the year prior.  

The 70% mark represents the highest level of support for adult-use reforms in the last decade of the Louisiana Survey. In 2014 and 2015, the survey recorded support at 45% and 55% in 2019.  

In an interview with, Peter Robins-Brown, executive director of Louisiana Progress, an advocacy group that supports legalization, said he believed that cannabis legalization in the state is “inevitable” and probable “within the next few years.” 

“Especially with public opinion being so positive, I think it’s hard for even (Louisiana Attorney General) Jeff Landry or Sen. Sharon Hewitt (R) to veto a legalization bill if it makes it through a conservative legislature.” — Robins-Brown to NOLA 


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