Sweeping Medical-Marijuana Expansion Enacted in New Jersey

The medical marijuana program in New Jersey was recently expanded to accommodate more patients and allow for more dispensaries.  Assembly Bill 20, signed by Gov. Phil Murphy on July 2, significantly amended the state’s medical-marijuana program, previously considered one of the country’s most restrictive.

The Highlight Include: Adds conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy and menstrual cramps to the current list. Physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners can prescribe medical marijuana to patients. Hospitals are allowed to obtain cannabis for patients. Patients only have to visit their doctor once a year for authorization instead of every three months. Patients can purchase three ounces a month rather than two. Hospice and terminally-ill patients have no limit on the amount they can obtain on a monthly basis. Prevents hospitals from denying patients organ transplant eligibility due to their medical cannabis use. Edibles (infused food products) will be available for adults in addition to minors, who previously had access. Patients are protected against public-housing and workplace discrimination and the state will no longer interfere in child-custody cases. Patients can designate two caregivers instead of just one, Out-of-state patients can obtain medical marijuana for up to six months after receiving approval from an in-state physician. Dispensaries

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