Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Limit Tripled

OH Dispensaries
  • Ohio medical marijuana program improves access.
  • Ohio Board of Pharmacy adds 100 more medical marijuana dispensary licenses.
  • The additional dispensary licenses will create more competition and potentially lower prices for medical marijuana in Ohio.
  • There are more than 136,000 medical marijuana patients in Ohio.

In an attempt to increase access for registered patients, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently voted to add more than 100 medical marijuana dispensary licenses, almost tripling the number of dispensaries in the state. In addition to allowing easier access, this measure will create more competition and potentially lower the price of medical cannabis across Ohio.

The state has experienced a significant dearth of dispensaries since the launch of its medical marijuana program. Many registered patients in Ohio were driving more than 30 miles to a dispensary to pick up their medical marijuana.

The same patients were extremely unhappy with the exorbitant prices of cannabis products. The Board of Pharmacy was compelled to send out a survey to patients and their caregivers. That survey found 58.4 percent of the patients believed they were paying too much.

Initially, based on the estimated 4,600-51,000 new marijuana card patients in the first two years, Ohio capped…Read Full Article Here