Terpene Technologists Report Anti-Covid Breakthrough

CANNABIS CULTURE – Israeli-based Technologies firm Eybna says a recently discovered combination of terpenes and CBD has the potential to manage the symptoms of COVID-19, and may even prevent infection altogether. 

Nadav Eyal, CEO and co-founder of Eybna

“We used our database and advanced data-mining and formulation design methodologies to research and isolate terpenes with elevated anti-inflammatory properties and optimize their ratios.” Says Nadav Eyal CEO and co-founder of Eybna. “This enabled us to develop and manufacture a patented data-driven terpene formulation that is effective, safe, and synergetic.”

For the last 6 years, Eybna has been studying the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant and its phytochemicals for use in adult wellness products.  When COVID-19 first emerged, Eybna partnered with CannaSoul to analyze the potential of terpenes and cannabis phytotoxins.  Eyal states, “With the lack of safe anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs, we decided to put our knowledge and formulation technology to the test – by demonstrating their efficacy versus dexamethasone, a steroid which has many unknown side effects. The results of this study exceeded our expectations.”  

Aptly named NT-VRL, this formulation consists of terpenes from sources such as eucalyptol, beta caryophyllene, and

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