Texas Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Expand Medical Marijuana Access

After a failed attempt to pass a law expanding medical marijuana access in 2017, Texas state representative Eddie Lucio III has proposed a fresh attempt at growing access to cannabis to Texans with qualifying medical conditions.

The Democrat from Brownsville introduced House Bill 1365 on Tuesday, which would expand 2015’s Compassionate Use Act (limited to low-THC cannabis for patients with intractable epilepsy) to include people with cancer, autism, other forms of epilepsy, and PTSD. The proposal would also open the kinds of cannabis permissible for use to include vaporization, oils, salves, and lotion. Smoking cannabis would still be illegal should the bill pass.

Not everyone was thrilled about the bill’s introduction. “In our efforts to keep the peace, deputy sheriffs routinely encounter persons who appear highly intoxicated on marijuana or marijuana-edible products,” Collin County Sheriff Jim Skinner of Sheriff’s Association of Texas wrote to KXAN in a statement indicating his group’s lack of support for the bill. “These individuals are generally a danger to themselves, and when driving, they are clearly a danger to others.”

But KXAN also interviewed four-time cancer survivor Mike Thompson, who has become a medical cannabis advocate after spending years on harmful painkillers to mitigate the

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