Texas Security Guard Shot 5 Times During Weed Dispensary Robbery Says He’s ‘Just Happy to Be Alive’ For His Kids – The Messenger

Almost a week after he was shot multiple times while on the job, a security guard in Texas now says that he’s “just happy to be alive.”

Jonah Duran was working as an armed guard at the Purple Dragon Cannabis Dispensary in San Antonio, which is owned by his cousin, when three men attempted to rob the place on Monday night at 3 a.m., KENS News reports. They were armed, but so was Duran, and two of the thieves fled after exchanging fire.

Duran was shot five times, three times in the neck, then once in his hand, and once in his leg. He was rushed to the hospital where he immediately underwent surgery. On Saturday, Duran had recovered enough to walk and speak and he told KENS News that he doesn’t remember much about the shooting that almost claimed his life.

“I’m just happy to be alive,” Jonah reportedly said. “I’m happy I’m still able to be around my kids.”

Nancy Duran, Jonah’s mother, told the news station that her son has three children, including an 8-month-old. She added that Jonah lost his father at a young age and she couldn’t imagine what would happen if Jonah’s kids lost their dad as well.


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