The Best Wake and Bake Strains Money Can Buy

Findyour perfect wake and bake strain and even the dreariest Monday morning canbecome an absolute joy. Well, maybe not a joyas such, but at least a little less painful.

Whichbegs the question – what makes the ideal strain for a perfect wake and bake?

Theanswer – the combination of fabulous flavour, just the right amount of energyand no chance of crashing out at the end of the ride. Better yet, a strain youcan hit periodically throughout the day to keep you fired-up throughout.

Sowhether it’s surviving a soul-crushing day at the office or getting to gripswith the chores you’ve been putting off for months, we’ve got the perfectrecipe for the ultimate wake and bake. Add one of the following strains to yourarsenal and you may even find yourself looking forward to Monday morning (yeahright):

1. Chocolate Thai

Findyourself a batch of ChocolateThai and you’re golden. Difficult to find butmore than worth the effort, this iconic Sativa landrace strain typically packsa THC content in the region of 15%. Not too strong, but more than powerfulenough to get your day off to the best possible start.

Burstingwith early morning glory, chocolate Thai has – unsurprisingly – a distinct noteof rich coffee and dark

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