The Cannabis Industry Wants To Turn July 10 Into A ‘Hashish Holiday’

Now that recreational pot has been legalized in 23 states, the cannabis industry is borrowing a marketing trick from the booze industry: “hangover holidays.”

Or, in this case, “hashish holidays.”

Most people are aware that marijuana buffs celebrate each April 20, or “420.” And the day before Thanksgiving ― aka “Weed Wednesday” ― is reportedly a big sales opportunity for dispensaries.


But Monday, July 10, marks another, lesser-known “holidank” for cannabis consumers: “710,” when enthusiasts are encouraged to get high via cannabis wax, vaping, resins or dabs.

The name of the holiday might seem obscure, but Lauren Fontein —a co-founder of The Artist Tree, a California-based chain of cannabis retail stores with an arts focus — spelled it out clearly.

“In cannabis culture, the number 710 is an inside joke for ‘OIL’ by inverting the letters and turning them upside down,” she told HuffPost by email.

As might be expected, the origins of the day and the term are as foggy as the brain of a cannabis user after puffing on five vape pens at once.


Some sources say 710 was created in 2011 by a rapper and cannabis activist called Taskrok, who was brainstorming with friends on the best day to consume

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