The Complicated World of Medical Cannabis in India

CANNABIS CULTURE – How does an emerging medical cannabis extracts industry exist in a country which has 10 years to death penalty for (commercial) cannabis possession?

India is the land of dualities. As the privileged take pride in flaunting their legally delivered-to-home cannabis tinctures on Instagram reels, a farmer trying to feed his family just 300 miles away is arrested for a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years for essentially the same compound.

So when the Indian hemp expo 2022 reached out inviting connoisseurs, journalists, doctors and medical industry specialists for the first-ever conference on cannabis in India, I was cynical about what to expect. I figured the expo and conference would include just theoretical talks of an indefinite future with the same old exaggerated claims of cannabis curing everything doused in traditionalist organic pseudoscience. Instead, there was a wide display of capitalism meeting the hippie revolution of global level certified, tested, government-approved products of every concentration and potency possible.

To understand how cannabis medicines are selling in India despite it being illegal, it’s important to know its history here. Cannabis is said to have originated somewhere in Central Asia, where as medicine and recreational use were brought to India

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