The do’s and don’ts of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania – Learn Liberty

For many people who suffer from a debilitating illness or who are in chronic pain, medical marijuana has proven to be an effective remedy. Researchers estimate that over 5.5 million Americans are currently using medical marijuana for a variety of conditions, including MS, HIV or AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, IBS, and glaucoma.

It’s a shame this relatively harmless drug that can have such life-improving benefits was illegal, and therefore more expensive and risky to get a hold of, for so long. And now that its medical — not to mention recreational — use is becoming more broadly accepted, it should force us to reckon with the consequences of empowering the government to make other drugs and substances illegal.

But let’s start with marijuana, specifically in the bellwether state of Pennsylvania. Because it represents such a cross section of the country — big cities, and rural areas; part East Coast, part Midwest; the natural beauty of forests and rivers, and the philosophical beauty of the Liberty Bell — laws around medical marijuana there might foreshadow what happens in other states. If you’re thinking about trying medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, here are some tips for the present. And if you’re thinking about trying

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