The Elephant That Cried – Adventist Review

This story originally appeared in the Adventist Review on March 24, 1983. It had been adapted from the book Dr. Rabbit, part of which first appeared in Guide, July and August 1969. In Dr. Rabbit Eric B. Hare writes about his work with the Karen tribe in Burma (now Myanmar). When this story happened, Hare (“Dr. Rabbit” to the Karens because of his name) was training a nurse, Harold Baird, who became known to the Karens as “Dr. Bear.”

One morning one of the schoolboys rushed into my office. “Dr. Rabbit! Dr. Rabbit!” he cried breathlessly. “Dr. Bear wants you at the dispensary quick! He says to tell you it’s a big lady patient. She’s so big he can’t get her through the front double door of the dispensary. Please hurry!”

I was instantly on my way. Whatever could it be? I thought to myself as I raced along. But very soon I understood, for there in front of the dispensary, with six jungle workmen standing around her, stood a huge female elephant! “Dr. Bear!” I said. “What can I do to help you with your big lady patient?”

“Look there!” he directed, pointing to her hip. “She was gored by a male

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