The Findings From A Groundbreaking Study On Psychedelic Microdosing Are In

The concept of microdosing has been around for a while. Recently, it’s enjoyed an upsurge of renewed attention, both in mainstream media and among some academics.

In general, microdosing is the practice of taking tiny doses of psychedelic substances on a frequent basis, sometimes daily or every couple days. The idea is that each individual dose is too small to produce any serious effects, but still substantial enough to generate subtle changes.

This, proponents claim, leads to a number of benefits. Typically, fans of microdosing claim it helps them focus better, stay mentally alert, enjoy greater levels of happiness and creativity, and other similar benefits.

To put all this to test, a group of researchers recently completed a groundbreaking study. And the results of that study were just published in the journal PLOS One.

The Study

To conduct the study, researchers had to figure out a way to work around laws prohibiting the possession and use of psychedelic drugs.

They decided to work with people already microdosing. From there, researchers asked them a number of questions to gauge the effects of microdosing.

More specifically, participants answered a number of questions each day. Additionally, they answered a more intensive set of

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