The Marijuana Midterms: Ballot Initiatives in Four States + Plenty of Hot Races

Four states are voting on legalizing recreational (Michigan, North Dakota) and medical (Missouri, North Dakota) marijuana on Nov. 6. In addition, numerous Congressional and statewide candidates on the ballot support legalization. Here’s the breakdown:

The Initiatives Michigan

Prop 1, or The Marijuana Legalization Initiative, if passed, would allow adults to possess up to 2.5 ounces of flower and 15 grams of concentrate as well as grow up to 12 plants. Michigan would be the 10th state to legalize marijuana and the first in the Midwest. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) raised $2.3 million as of early October with the Marijuana Policy Project ($743,000) donating nearly a third of that total. Smoker’s Outlet Management and MI Legalize 2018 have kicked in $250,000 and $170,000, respectively. The opposition—Healthy and Productive Michigan and Committee to Keep Pot Out of Neighborhoods and Schools—has amassed $1.5 million in contributions, two-thirds from Smart Approaches Against Marijuana (SAM) and another $250,000 from Michigan Energy First. The latest polling shows Prop 1 leading 57%-42%.

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It’s an embarrassment of riches in the Show Me State with three different medical measures on the ballot: Amendment

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