The Quest for Legality: ‘Just Breathe’ Dispensary Eyes Reopening in Manlius, N.Y. – BNN Breaking

In the quiet expanse of Manlius, N.Y., a pioneering venture into the legalized cannabis market is unfolding. ‘Just Breathe,’ a pop-up cannabis dispensary that temporarily ceased operations on December 31, 2023, is now navigating the intricate process of reopening. Spearheaded by owner Damien Cornwell, this initiative is not merely about selling cannabis but also setting a precedent in an industry grappling with regulatory hurdles and community concerns.

AdvertismentThe Challenge of Legitimacy

At the heart of ‘Just Breathe’s’ narrative is the pursuit of a CARUD license from the Office of Cannabis Management. This certification is crucial for the dispensary to transition from a temporary solution to a permanent fixture in Manlius’s evolving cannabis landscape. The journey towards securing this license embodies a broader struggle faced by many in New York, where the slow issuance of legal cannabis retail licenses has bottlenecked the industry’s growth. Cornwell’s endeavor is a microcosm of the patience, resilience, and adaptability required to navigate these waters.

A Community at a Crossroads Advertisment

Manlius presents an intriguing backdrop for this unfolding story. The Village of Manlius opted out of cannabis sales, creating a patchwork of regulations within the area. However, ‘Just Breathe’ is strategically located in the Town of

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