The Top 10 All-American Cannabis Strains

Every cannabis connoisseur has their favourite region of origin. For some, nowhere has done bigger or more important things for cannabis culture than the United States. Indeed, it’s hard to dispute the fact that some of the most incredible cannabis the world has ever seen was born in the USA.

But which are the best All-American strains on the market right now? If you’re out for a quintessential taste of the USA, which strains can you rely on to deliver the goods?

1. Blue Dream

Right at the top of the table, Blue Dream really is the stuff of legends.  Engineered by combining Blueberry with Haze, Blue Dream came out of nowhere to become the single most popular and best-selling cannabis strain in the whole of the United States. Blue Dream owes its popularity to its beautifully balanced high, exceptional potency and the fact that it is also surprisingly simple to grow. It has lent its genetics to a whole bunch of newcomers, but most agree that the original is still the best.

2. OG Kush

Nobody knows exactly where OG Kush came from, but this only adds to the mystery and enjoyment of the whole thing. It’s been

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