The Treehouse Club dispensary opening in downtown Big Rapids early August – The Pioneer

BIG RAPIDS — From skeptic to user to business owner, Joseph Barakat’s journey in the marijuana industry is one that surprises. 

His new business endeavor, the Treehouse Club, will be the latest addition to the dispensary community in Big Rapids. 

The Treehouse Club will fill the now-vacant space at 217 Maple Street in Big Rapids. The building was formerly occupied by The WellFlower, another dispensary that closed its doors back in November. 

Joseph Barakat, the founder of the Treehouse Club, first discovered the benefits of cannabis through his experience as a collegiate football player at Eastern Michigan University.

Barakat said being an athlete proved to have a lot of wear and tear on his body, and marijuana was one of the things that gave him relief. 

“I had never smoked before and was always in pain, and I was introduced to cannabis, and once I figured it out, I started researching to find all the benefits from it,” Barakat said. “I was always big against it, and I just never really understood it. I started finding out people,

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