The Ultimate Guide to a Cannabis-Friendly Road Trip

Tips, tools, and thrifts for the most awe-inspiring road trip route ever.

Both road trips and cannabis have a way of breaking us out of our day to day—interrupting our usual routines and opening our minds with fresh views and perceptions. And just like campfires and s’mores, road trips and cannabis complement each other well, opening up more doors to spontaneity and discovery along the way.

This guide is for explorers fueled by curiosity and cannabis, for those who seek wonder when they pull out of their driveway, and for those as excited about crafting rewarding itineraries as they are about unexpected stops. It’s also for cannabis-enthusiasts, so we covered all your bases—where to go, how to find cannabis-friendly lodging, packing essentials—so you can kick back and focus on identifying copilots and interesting destinations along your route.

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