The Ultimate

You’ve got a lot to live up to with a name like The Ultimate, but when you’re the creation of the legends at Dutch Passion, it’s pretty much what we’re used to seeing as standard. The Ultimate is an extremely well balanced Sativa/Indica hybrid, though they’ve done a good job keeping quiet where exactly it comes from.

The Ultimate Effects

The fragrance of the flowers themselves is one of sweet fruitiness, with floral notes and a backing of exotic hash spice. As expected, the hit delivers the best of both worlds in spades, beginning with an immediate cerebral uplift which eventually gives way to a full body stone. In both instances, the hit is hard enough to get you where you need to be, though isn’t going to knock you off your feet – perfectly balanced. In medical circles, The Ultimate is turned to for help with insomnia, poor appetite and muscle pains.

Growing The Ultimate Weed

Having been engineered from the ground up specifically with indoor growing in mind, The Ultimate is a dream for newcomers and pros alike. The plants never tend to grow larger than about 70cm and they’ll perform at their peak in soil and

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