‘Things are definitely changing’: Citizens react to new dispensary in Annapolis – wmar2news.com

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Panacea is a new dispensary in Annapolis. It is the second dispensary in Annapolis now.

Medical Marijuana has been in Maryland since 2017. Currently there are 37 states that allow medical marijuana.

“People today are looking for a fully integrated modern wellness life style,” said MariMed associate Howard Schacter. “Which includes diet and exercise, and we believe that cannabis fits right into that.”

Panacea is located on Defense Highway near the Annapolis Mall.

“Soft bake goods, chewable gummies, tincture, mint tablets, a whole range of energy drink mixes that get mixed into water, coffee, other beverages,” said Schacter.

“Edibles are my primary form of use,” said Ariana Foote, a client of MariMed. “They are healthier and they are smoke free.”

In November, Marylander’s will vote for the possibility of legal recreational marijuana use. Many suspect it will pass. If that law does pass, the transition from medical to recreational marijuana use should be seamless.

“Most likely the medical program will be adopted into the adult use programs so they can start operating and fulfilling the needs of the patients and the customers in Maryland as soon as possible,” said Abigail Diehl, another associate at MariMed.


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