This 12-Time NBA All-Star Is Making Autoparts With Plants, Predicts ‘All Plastics Will Be Made From Cannabis’

“I envision a future where the Fords, the GMs, the Stellantis’ of the world take plastics out of their automobiles and infuse them with industrial hemp to replace those plastics, thus reducing their carbon footprint,” says Isiah Thomas, NBA star, cannabis entrepreneur and CEO of One World Products
OWPC, the largest Black-controlled, licensed hemp and cannabis producer in Colombia.

While this may sound innovative, even in 2022, hemp cars were actually a reality some 80 years before that. In 1941, Henry Ford presented a car prototype with a body made mostly from plant-derived materials like soybeans, wheat, hemp and flax. Taking it even further, Ford asked Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, to develop a special, unique propulsion system for this car: the vehicle would also run on vegetable and hemp oil.

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