This family-run dispensary is now delivering weed in Brooklyn and Queens – Time Out

Good Grades, the pioneering, totally legal cannabis store in Jamaica, Queens, is now offering delivery throughout Queens and Brooklyn. 

Good Grades prides itself on sourcing high quality and locally grown cannabis and their namesake comes from the weekly “report cards” they use to vet the highest quality weed.

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The family-run dispensary is owned by cousins Extasy James and Michael James Jr., who grew up in the neighborhood and who are committed to having a positive impact on the community by providing great weed and also giving back to locals through education and financial support. 

“At the core of our company is educating the consumers in the market,” Michael James Jr., who is also a lawyer, told Time Out. “We are also taking an educational approach to schooling and guiding the next generation.” The dispensary works alongside city colleges and offers scholarships to students in certain majors, including finance, accounting, and urban studies. 

Their “report cards” were developed by the dispensary and grades weed based on whether it’s locally grown, organic, and of good quality. They also look at industry-wide standards that are based on a 5A grading system that divides weed into 5 main categories: AAA,

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