Thoughts on THCA, Interstate Sales…. and Oregon

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Friend of the firm Andrew DeWeese published a recent LinkedIn post on Oregon’s outlying stance on THCA the other day, and the priorities of local industry advocates. I wanted to highlight that post and discuss today– it’s a compelling post and I have all sorts of thoughts about it. Here it is:

Let’s break it down.

“THCA flower is legal under federal law”

Maybe. This is something we have thought a lot about at the firm, privately and publicly. My colleague Griffen Thorne published a sensationally titled piece on this last summer: So Long for THCA Products. Griffen’s article is just one of many parsing the language of the 2018 Farm Bill and a 2023 DEA letter on the topic. See also: “THCA and the DEA: Rod Breaks Down the Latest News” from Rod Kight, an another attorney prominent in the space.

You probably don’t want to read all of that today. So here’s the answer I might give my aunt if she asked whether THCA flower is legal. I would say: “Someone over at DEA wrote a letter last year indicating that it’s not. But DEA is not a court and DEA

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