Three Prison Guards Arrested For Smuggling Weed, Other Contraband Into Prison

Three South Carolina prison guards were placed under arrest on Friday for smuggling drugs and other contraband into two different correctional institutions. According to a statement, South Carolina Department of Corrections Police Services made the arrests after the suspects’ fellow officers discovered their smuggling attempts. Today’s arrests are the latest in a string of enforcement actions against prison guards at multiple correctional facilities across South Carolina. And they highlight the ongoing problem of abuse by prison guards in a state that locks up one out of every 100 of its residents.

Prison Guards Smuggled Marijuana, Rolling Papers, Tobacco, Cell Phones and Wire Cutters

The three officers arrested Friday in South Carolina all face charges for smuggling drugs and other contraband, like tobacco, rolling papers, wire cutters, and cell phones, inside the prisons where they worked. Police arrested Yolanda Whitaker for smuggling 20 cellphones and other contraband into Kershaw Correction Institution. Kershaw is a medium security facility. Yvanda Maria Hardy faces charges for attempting to smuggle marijuana into McCormick Correctional Institution. And a second guard at McCormick, Carmen Bess Jenkins, attempted to smuggle in 143 grams, or about five ounces of flower—and some perfume, naturally, to hide the smell. McCormick is

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