Together, They Changed The Fate Of This Vet Dispensary – Times of India

Nagpur: Chargaon, a nondescript village in Umred tehsil of Nagpur which shares its borders with the reserved forest, recently witnessed a story resembling the plot of typical 1980s Hindi films wherein a hero visits the village, convinces villagers about the benefits of change, and then together, they bring development and prosperity.

The people of Chargaon, farmers, labourers and cattle rearers came together, formed ‘Chargaon Young Brigade’ and changed the only vet clinic in this area, inside out. They not only donated their hard-earned money for the project but also offered their skills and services to transform this veterinary clinic to such an extent that it has bagged the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Dr Pawan Bhagwat, livestock supervisor of this grade-II vet dispensary in Chargaon, said, “Farmers, milkmen and owners of cattle donated up to Rs2,000 per person. Farm labourers too donated Rs500 per head and together, we collected Rs65,000-odd for this project.”

Dr Bhagwat added, “Labourers, artists and carpenters used to come here late in the evening after finishing their day’s job and their hard work changed this building — a dilapidated government office became a swanky vet clinic of the modern era.”

How this veterinarian convinced the villagers of

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