Top 6 Best-Tasting Cannabis Strains 2018

Move over vapers, we’ve got some weed strains that will compete with your brag-worthy flavor selections! Marijuana consumers know that the plant is not just good for your health, but also for your tastebuds. In this article we’ll look at some of the best-tasting strains to suit those hard to satisfy cravings.

Modern advancements have allowed breeders to create a rich variety flavors and scents making it practically impossible to try every marijuana strain. But even then, you won’t be able to keep up with new breeds that pop up every year with names that range from exotic (Malawi) to mouthwatering (Banana Ice Cream).

It can get confusing to pick the tastiest strains with all the options that’s out there so we thought of listing down the top 6 best tasting marijuana strains that are sure to make your tastebuds happy.


Tangie is a favorite among many users for its strong, sweet orange flavor (and its name probably inspired by Tang, but we can’t confirm nor deny that!).

The first thing you will notice when you take a puff of this is its strong, zesty citrus flavor followed by a lingering tropical aftertaste. Pop open a

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