Top Federal Drug Agency Wants To Know Which Companies Can Analyze Marijuana, Including Dispensary Products – Marijuana Moment

A top federal drug agency is looking for information from contractors that are able to analyze marijuana samples—including those that come from state-legal dispensaries—for research purposes.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recently published a “sources sought notice” for “Analysis of Cannabis and Related Materials for Research.” The agency has an ongoing interest in studies into the risks and benefits of marijuana, but this new notice contained a unique caveat.

NIDA “seeks capability statements from all businesses having the in-house capability to provide analysis of cannabis, cannabis products and other related materials of interest to the program (i.e. dispensary samples, etc.) to support research,” it says.

“The Contractor shall perform analysis of 150 confiscated marijuana samples/month submitted by the DEA, other law enforcement agencies, and/or by others as required by NIDA. Samples shall come from seizures of marijuana and marijuana-based products intended for sale and use (i.e. not immature plants or growing plants). Samples may also come from medical marijuana dispensaries.”

The sources sought notice isn’t a request for specific research proposals, but it’s generally an invitation for would-be contractors to give NIDA the information it needs to pursue partnerships for future research objectives. It “aims to assess the

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