Tragedy in Kansas: Medical-Marijuana User Dies After Police Raid

Jennifer Hess, her husband Homer Wilson and their two sons were minding their own business on the night of Thursday, May 23 in their Eureka, Kansas home when policed knocked on the door. What happened next would change their lives forever.

The officers said “someone had reported screaming coming from my house, which there wasn’t, and I went to close the door. At that point, they forced the door open. Two of them entered the house, and they demanded I go outside,” Hess tells Freedom Leaf.

On June 14 on Facebook, she wrote: “They said they were getting a search warrant, alleging they had seen drug paraphernalia in the house.”

Police searched the house and found “293 grams” of cannabis, “all personal use.” Hess and Wilson both had medical conditions and used marijuana for that purpose, she said. “They made up a reason to come to my door, probably because there was no one we associate with to do a controlled buy.”

Wilson and Hess Arrested on the Following Charges

• distribute marijuana 25-450 grams

• possession of paraphernalia with intent to manufacture/plant/cultivate a controlled substance

• possession of opiate, opium, narcotic or certain stimulant

• no drug stamp

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