Trail Blazers: Portraits of Ten Cannabis Consumers – Westword

In honor of 4/20, we’re presenting Maria Levitov‘s portraits of cannabis consumers in Colorado, the first state to allow legal recreational sales. “The world can feel isolating and discouraging, so now more than ever, it’s important to show the things that connect us, not separate us,” says the photographer.

“I think cannabis is distinctive in that it mixes medicine with recreation in a way that feels inherently inclusive. By combining fine-art photography with the act of smoking, I think these portraits offer a different insight and perception. Plus, smoke is beautiful and ever-changing; it’s as unique as the participants in this project.”

“My name is Elle Beau, and I am a Denver-based yoga teacher and mentor who offers weekly public yoga classes, private sessions and teacher trainings. I believe in the profound healing power of intentional breath and mindful movement. I also believe that cannabis — CBD balanced with THC, in particular — can play an integral role dancing with breath and movement. A regular consumer of cannabis as medicine, I couldn’t be a bigger advocate of the plant’s inherent healing properties. Off of the mat, my passion is fueled by world travel, exploring all that Colorado’s outdoors has to offer, and playing with my beloved pup, Boscoe Coltrane.”

Maria Levitov

“My name is Beth Ann Krug. My husband, Michael, and I saw a 4/20 spread on the Internet and within a month went to Denver. You know how Ziggy Marley says, ‘This is a calling, have you heard?’ We felt the calling. Medical cannabis helps my Parkinson’s disease, helps me to feel normal and not feel my symptoms. The International Church of Cannabis saved our relationship by allowing us to worship together on Friday evenings instead of being apart from one another. We also enjoy cannabis socially

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