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CANNABIS CULTURE – The Truth About Testing & Inflated THC

Think back. 

Do you remember those smoke sessions that really stood out? The ones that left you in a state of pure bliss. What was it that created such an impression? Was it how sweet the bud tasted? The smoothness of the toke, or the heavenly aroma of the flower? Whatever the reason, many choose cannabis because it’s a natural solution. The expectation is that there is a high level of natural quality. 

At least, that’s what consumers are told to expect. Many recreational users rely on lab testing to better understand what they are buying, while many medical users also depend on accurate lab testing to give them the most effective ratio of cannabinoids. Yet, more and more products are surfacing on dispensary shelves with artificially inflated THC rates, inaccurate measurements of minor cannabinoids, and pesticides present within. Consumers see clean test results but don’t realize that many of the scores are fraudulent, and everyday people are smoking pesticides, molds, and chemicals. All of this is causing tremors throughout the industry. 

An increasing number of cannabis consumers are becoming aware of the truth behind testing regulation, and the unfair

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