Treating Epilepsy: One Family’s Journey with Medical Cannabis

With cannabis now firmly in the spotlight, it’s acceptance as use as a medicine is becoming far more common, and it’s not at all surprising.  Medical marijuana has shown time and time again to have amazing effects for patients battling all types of health conditions, from back pain to epilepsy and everything in between.  The negative stigma surrounding this ancient medicine is finally starting to reverse and cannabis is being recognized for it’s wonderful medicinal properties.  There are countless stories of people, who thought they were beyond hope of living a comfortable life, finding themselves back on their feet after discovering the health benefits of medical cannabis.

Logan Cruickshank 

One such story introduced us to the Cruickshank family of St. Thomas, Ontario.  Therese and Tage Cruickshank are the parents of a lovely boy named Logan, who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was less than a year old.  His parents noticed that as a baby, Logan would continually clench his right hand, prompting them to have tests done through their pediatrician.  When the test results came back, they weren’t good.  The family was devastated to discover Logan’s condition, and were in disbelief when told that he would require

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