Trulieve Issues Inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Report – Cannabis Dispensary

In the months since delta-8 THC has exploded into popularity, debate over its legality and how to regulate it has pervaded regulators, law enforcement, and the hemp and cannabis industries. While the cannabinoid is naturally occurring in cannabis, many in the hemp industry have begun to convert it from CBD. It has provided a lucrative avenue for hemp producers and processors to sell CBD product that has otherwise lost much of its value over the course of two years, but its psychoactive effects have others questioning in which market it belongs—if any at all.

The main question at hand: Should delta-8 be regulated as hemp or in the state-legal cannabis market? 

A recent Cannabis Business Times/Hemp Grower survey of nearly 300 respondents working in the hemp and cannabis industries demonstrates just how controversial this question is. 

When asked whether delta-8 should be produced and sold in the hemp marketplace, nearly half of respondents said yes. Meanwhile, nearly 60% of respondents said delta-8 should be produced and sold in the state-legal cannabis marketplace. (Respondents could select the hemp market, cannabis market, both or neither.)

The nearly even split among responses is indicative of the conflicting attitudes in both the hemp and cannabis industries surrounding delta-8.


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