Tucson Dispensary Is Being Backing Into a Corner – AZmarijuana.com

Tucson’s Zoning Administrator is taking a position that a tile workshop, which is within 500 feet of The Downtown Dispensary, is a “K-12 public, private, or charter school,” thus preventing the dispensary from utilizing its expansion that the City of Tucson permitted and that the dispensary has already constructed, according to SmarterTucson.com.

SmarterTucson.com claims that Santa Theresa Tile Works has never been a school, but rather it is an art studio that earns revenue from the sale of goods, public workshops and commissioned works.

In Tucson, the expansion of an existing medical marijuana dispensary must be setback a minimum of 500 feet from a K-12 public, private, or charter school, measured in a straight and direct horizontal line from the closest exterior or applicable interior suite wall of the medical marijuana dispensary to the closest property line of a school.

Downtown Dispensary published a message on Facebook addressing the issue: “At Downtown, we have been working to expand our space since 2019 when we signed a lease to take over the whole building. In 2021, Mayor & Council changed the ordinance so we can use 10,000 square feet as licensed space. Today, we pay for almost 14,000 square feet

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