Tulare green lights three cannabis dispensaries – Foothills Sun Gazette

The second dispensary to have their development agreement approved was the grandfathered Herb’N Vibes dispensary on J street in downtown Tulare. The agreement is in addition to all city taxes, Herb’N Vibes will pay the agreed upon fees assessed against retail dispensaries of 2% of gross revenue.

The  Herb’NVibes dispensary is a little different from the others because it began as a medicinal cannabis shop, “We went recreational in February of 2021. However we’ve been operating medically for over a decade. Now we service both medical patients and recreational customers,”said Braden Cox, Herb’NVibes Social Media and Marketing specialist.

When Tulare City Council brought the idea of cannabis to the table a few years ago, they had to account for the already present medicinal shops. Zamora explained that members of the council at the time had agreed upon a 2% gross receipts tax  for the pre-existing shops including Herb’N Vibes. As a result of being grandfathered in, they did not have to complete a request for proposal like the new dispensaries, resulting in the differing community donation.

The third dispensary to receive approval was Token Farms dispensary. Token Farms currently has a location in Farmersville. According to staff reports, their development

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