Tuscaloosa Set To Consider Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ordinance – Patch.com

TUSCALOOSA, AL — The Tuscaloosa City Council’s Administration Committee will consider an ordinance change next week that, if approved by the full Council, would allow for medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the city limits once businesses licenses are issued by the state of Alabama.

Indeed, findings by the legislature ahead of the law’s passage argued that opening the door for medical marijuana in Alabama will not only benefit patients by providing relief to pain and other debilitating symptoms, but will also provide noticeable economic benefits for farmers and other residents of the state.

“As the Legislature found, medical research continues to show the benefits of medical marijuana outweigh any associated risks,” Tuscaloosa City Attorney Scott Holmes told Patch on Friday. “There are people in the State of Alabama and in our own community that are suffering, and the use of medical marijuana can alleviate that suffering.”

A 2021 study by the Pew Research Center found that 91% of American adults believe marijuana should be legalized either for medical use or recreational use, which underscores a generational shift in how the substance has been viewed by everyday Americans in the past.

Over the summer, the fledgling Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission

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