Twitter Lights Up With Jokes Over Biden’s Big Cannabis News

President Joe Biden lit up social media on Thursday with the announcement that he will pardon all prior federal convictions for simple possession of marijuana.

Many people were enthusiastic about the decision, which officials said could clear about 6,500 people who were convicted on federal charges between 1992 and 2021, as well as thousands more who were convicted of possession in the District of Columbia.


Although the pardons could seriously affect thousands of Americans, they also inspired humorous responses from many Twitter users.

Some imagined possible headlines.

Prior Weed Convictions Go Up In Smoke

Biden Gives the Green Light for Pardons

Biden Smokes the Competition in Midterms

They Go Low, We Go Higher

Biden Passes the Blunt To State Courts

I’m sorry

— Sarah Solomon (@sarahsolfails) October 6, 2022

Others shouted out the people who would really appreciate the news.

congratulations to all my fellow dave matthews and phish friends

— Sopan Deb (@SopanDeb) October 6, 2022

Others considered the political ramifications.


— Nick Allen (@NickAllen) October 6, 2022 Advertisement

The “Fuck Biden” crowd (who are just flabbergasted that Biden said “fuck”) when they hear about Biden pardons move on weed:


— Jeremy London (@SirJeremyLondon) October 6, 2022

If you’re

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