Two Next-Gen Cannabis Shopping Experiences – Willamette Week

Portland’s dispensary scene has a (mostly) phenomenal reputation, for (mostly) good reasons. While Stumptown stoners would probably agree that ours is a scene worth celebrating, from the inside it can sometimes feel a bit, ahem, monotonous.

Most shops will sell you shockingly cheap cannabis. Plenty have levelheaded budtenders with serviceable strain recommendations. Nearly every dispensary in town features the same familiar edibles and topicals (not to mention papers, pipes and lighters). Gorgeous as it is, the boutique dispo scene can get pretty repetitive.

Now, instead consider a recreational landscape where these outposts do more than just gleefully slang cheap eighths, dollar doinks, and bargain dabs. Consider a landscape where you buy your weed at the same place you shop for locally made, artisan gifts. Or attend a contemporary fine art opening. Or munch out at a parking lot food festival. Consider a landscape that acknowledges the many cannabis users that are patients unable to navigate a glossy boutique, or would benefit from straight-up weed subscription services.

This week’s two featured Portland shops have done more than just considered those things: They’ve worked them into their ethos, offering a delightful change of pace from the typical Portland dispensary experience, and contributing to its evolution

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