Two scraggly cannabis plants found growing near City Hall – (blog)

In late April, a cannabis plant was found growing in the community garden at City Hall, and removed promptly by city officials.

Today, cannabis activist Dana Larsen informed the Straight that two more plants have popped up in the building’s vicinity.

The first is growing directly in front of a sign welcoming visitors to Vancouver, while the second is located across the street.

Despite the perceived grey area around laws in Vancouver, growing cannabis outside of Canada’s federally licensed program is still illegal and considered so by the Vancouver Police Department.

This cannabis plant was found growing across the street from City Hall in Vancouver. Dana Larsen

Through his OverGrow Canada campaign, Larsen has given away approximately five million cannabis seeds, mailing them across the country and handing them out at cannabis rallies and protests.

The campaign calls on “all freedom-loving Canadians to grow a cannabis victory garden” and, in instructions posted on OverGrow Canada’s website, Larsen suggests that these seeds be planted “at City Hall, in front of the local police station, in storefront planters, and other highly visible places.”

The initiative to see cannabis grown in outdoor gardens and public spaces is all part of his goal to normalize the plant.

“I want to live in a country where you see cannabis growing in somebody’s front yard, and it’s not a big deal,” he told the Sraight in April.

Though no one knows whether or not these plants came from Larsen’s seeds, there is one thing we can bet on: it won’t be long before city officials send someone down to remove them.

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