Unity Rd., 100% Locally-Owned and Operated Dispensary Franchise, Strategically Positions Item 9 Labs Corp. for National Scale – Yahoo Finance

In March 2021, Item 9 Labs Corp. (OTCQX: INLB) entered a unique position to capitalize on opportunities in a rapidly evolving U.S. regulatory environment. The company combined its Item 9 Labs’ premium, award-winning products with the Unity Rd. dispensary franchise through the acquisition of OCG, Inc.

Since then, Item 9 Labs Corp. has been making waves throughout the cannabis industry, achieving profitability for its 2nd quarter fiscal year 2021 and boasting now 7 consecutive quarters of revenue growth with its recent Q3 2021 earnings report. Led by a veteran-driven support team, the combined company offers one of the safest entrances into cannabis for prospective dispensary owners while expanding its footprint across multiple states.

In a highly regulated environment, it’s essential to know and understand local laws and regulations. It can be difficult to stay on top of compliance-related matters, especially when headquarters are far away. At the same time, cannabis brings with it several challenges that are unique to the industry across various business functions. The company has found a way to bypass these hurdles and successfully duplicate it, one Unity Rd. franchise at a time.
Setting a New Standard for Dispensary Operations

Bridging the worlds of cannabis and franchising, Unity Rd. broadens

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