Update from Mayor Bhalla on cannabis dispensaries – Hoboken, NJ (.gov)

Dear Resident,

I provide this communication to update you on the topic of cannabis dispensaries in Hoboken.

To provide some background on the matter, as you may know, in 2020, voters in New Jersey were provided with the opportunity to vote, at the ballot box, in a state-wide referendum to legalize cannabis. Voters overwhelmingly chose to do so, with 2,737,746 voting yes (67%), and 1,343,637 (33%) voting no state-wide, and over 70% of Hoboken residents voting in favor of cannabis legalization. Following this vote, the State provided cities like Hoboken with the authority to determine whether to permit medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in their respective municipalities.

My personal view at the time, as it remains today, is that the legalization of adult use cannabis provides not only a substantial economic opportunity for Hoboken, but more importantly, an opportunity for us as a community repair damage that the “war on drugs” caused minority communities in Hoboken. This damage included countless youth in Hoboken who were tagged as criminals and incarcerated for simple possession of minor amounts of cannabis – an offense which is now legal. We must invest in restorative justice for minority communities, this is my commitment.  It is also why I

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