Updated New Jersey Recreational Marijuana Regulations

New Jersey Cannabis regulators have approved new rules for the state’s recreational marijuana market.

The new rules come almost a year after residents approved New Jersey’s recreational marijuana voter initiative. 

While home delivery will be permitted, growing marijuana at home is prohibited under the new rules. 

Social equity measures are featured prominently in the new rules.

After gathering testimonials from the public sector on the proposed recreational marijuana rules, The NJCRC (New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission) has officially approved the initial rules that will set up the state’s cannabis retail market. The announcement comes almost a year after voters passed a referendum to legalize marijuana.

Purchase and possession limits

  • Adults 21 and older can purchase and possess up to one ounce of marijuana.

Home cultivation

  • Home cultivation would not be permitted.

Social Equity

  • Three licensing categories are designed to promote social equity for minority-owned and women-owned cannabis companies or those located in an economically distressed area.


  • There are six main licensing categories:
  • cultivators
  • manufactures
  • wholesalers
  • retailers
  • distributors
  • delivery services.

Cultivator licenses will be capped at 37 until….Read Full Article Here


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