Upling: A Purpose-Driven Cannabis Delivery App

Upling is a Black-owned cannabis delivery app currently serving dispensaries and medical cannabis patients in Maryland, Washington DC, and Jamaica, and is in the process of expanding into other markets. Increasing accessibility to much-needed medicine for cannabis patients by allowing them to easily place delivery orders from dispensaries in their area, the company also aims to provide a level of service and customization to their dispensary partners that larger SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies tend to stop short of.

A key part of Upling’s mission is to support the formerly incarcerated by providing employment opportunities within the legal cannabis industry for returning citizens. Upling’s founder, Colin Fraser, who himself was incarcerated due to cannabis-related convictions, aims to use Upling to address the repercussions of the war on drugs and systemic injustice and racism in the US carceral system. Fraser recently joined Ganjapreneur for a conversation about Upling’s trajectory from its launch to where it’s headed in the future, as well as his ongoing work supporting returning citizens, and why the cannabis industry should specifically create opportunities for those who were punished unjustly over the plant.

Early experiences with cannabis

Raised in a Christian household, Fraser says he was always warned about “The

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