Vancouver Votes 2018: Red-Eyed Election Guide

CANNABIS CULTURE – During an escalating housing crisis, and the worst overdose epidemic in the country’s history, in the shadow of a deeply flawed federal cannabis legalization bill, amidst pipeline protests and continued dirty money scandals, Vancouver is having an election.

To make matters worse, there are over a hundred names on the ballot running for Mayor, CouncillorPark Board commissioner, and school trustee (a list which includes Mrs Doubtfire).

What’s a pothead to do on election day, Oct 20th?

Cannabis is an ideal lens to view the city’s growth and health because it corresponds directly to so many municipal issues. To name three:

Cannabis is housing. Vancouver dispensaries are responsible for paying at least 1,000 rents a month, and could easily pay more if the city supported the industry. If you include cannabis-related production, like edible manufacturing, extraction and growing, that number could more than double.

Cannabis is overdose prevention. Studies routinely show that cannabis provides a safe alternative to more dangerous drugs, and reduces overdoses. Easy cannabis availability prioritizes medical access for everyone, and reduces the stress on local health resources.

Cannabis is trust. If you wouldn’t trust a candidate to hold a perfect pound of your favorite flower,

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