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In stoner parlance, to “hotbox” means to fill a car, room, tent, or other confined space with cannabis smoke to the degree that those occupying said space who are not actively consuming can still obtain a high.

I share this to be clear that when I reference Mr. Hotbox, I’m not speaking of a dude who has smoked out so many places as to have earned that moniker. Rather, this Mr. Hotbox is a very user-friendly, high-end desktop e-nail and vaporizer (with option for portability) that’s designed and built in Washington. It comes complete with a cutesy “robot from the future” narrative and looks a little like a futuristic satellite radio for your car.

Each unit is made with components, features, and functions demonstrating the care that its designers put into Mr. Hotbox—such as a built-in safety timer in case users forget they have left it on (and we’re talking about cannabis users, so… yeah); a cleaning function for the nail; an optional “Herb Oven” attachment that allows for full convection vaporization of flower; and a power system that will work seamlessly with both 110 volt outlets in the United States and 220 volts abroad. There’s also an optional “LifePack” portable external battery that allows you to operate the unit for two-plus hours on a single full charge. Each unit comes with an impressive lifetime warranty, and one free coil replacement. It measures 3.75 inches by 5 inches, and weighs just one pound.

Mr. Hotbox

I tried one recently using the Herb Oven, and the flower hits were smooth and full-flavored—on par with a Volcano or Herbalizer—and the e-nail worked equally well for the rosin and live resin. The controls are simple and intuitive: Set your temperature, and consume using an easy-to-read screen and

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