Veriheal Awards $30k to Three Winners of Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship

Cannabis health-tech company Veriheal on Tuesday announced three winners for its annual Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship for 2023, with each winner receiving $10,000 for college tuition and fees.

The company said it had received a record number of submissions – more than 800 – which Joshua Green, co-founder of Veriheal said in a statement “speaks volumes about the passion and vision of the next generation of cannabis leaders.”

“We’re thrilled to support and empower the minds and futures of those who will undoubtedly shape the industry.” — Green in a press release

This year’s winners include Quemarr Moatamedi, a linguistics and anthropology major at the University of Montana, who proposed “an emulsion-based drug delivery system tailored for cannabinoids and made to tackle America’s diabetes crisis”; Maya Woods-Arthur, a sociology major at Harvard University who proposed a Bluetooth enabled cannabis bowl called buddie that tracks consumption; and Jensyn Huynh, a computer science major at Texas A&M who proposed how hemp could be used as a renewable resource for computer components.

Veriheal increased the awards in this year’s program – it had awarded $5,000 scholarships to five individuals in 2022 – because the company

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