Vermont CBD Makers and Sellers Stress Purity, Standards

Derek Mercury, owner of Jeffersonville, Vermont-based Maple Plus, says simple is better.

“It’s a very simple product,” he says of the enhanced maple sugar that became available on April 20 of this year. “There’s just two ingredients.”

Those ingredients: maple sugar derived from Vermont pure maple syrup and cannabidiol (CBD), one of the chemical components of hemp, which he adds in the production.

From beer to cheese to produce, buyers and sellers of Vermont goods take pride in knowing exactly what goes into the products on the shelves. As more products containing CBD as an active ingredient enter the market, people who make and sell these products are stepping up their testing standards and looking for new ways to assure users their products are uniform in composition and safe for use.

Makers want to see more accountability and higher standards for products.

“It’s a currently overlooked facet of CBD right now,” says Chris Thomas, co-founder of Good Body Products in Guilford, Vt. “It’s kind of the wild west for CBD. People aren’t thinking about where it’s coming from.”

While more than half of U.S. states, including the District of Columbia, have legal medical cannabis, it remains illegal under

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