Veterans Suffering from PTSD Find Relief Through Psilocybin

CANNABIS CULTURE – US Army Veteran Holly G. takes psilocybin to help make her combat-related PTSD more manageable. “Knowing that I can eat a mushroom and hit the reset button. It’s not a chemical. It’s not a man made drug. You can go out into the forest and reset until the rainbows come again,” gives her a sense that everything will be okay despite panic attacks, flashbacks, and the struggle to navigate a world outside of a war-zone.

Holly G, US Army Veteran

With regulatory progress for psychedelics like psilocybin happening at lightning speed—and publicly-traded company, Numinus, paving the road to the mainstream—naturally-derived products may soon be a more viable option for people like Holly. 

Numinus recently announced its completion of the first legal harvest of Psilocybe mushrooms, and this is a groundbreaking step forward. Accepting and legitimizing the substance will make it possible for those who find relief nowhere else, to come out of the shadows and get regular, safe access to the medicine that works for them.

Psychedelic comedian and founder of Hello SciCom, Sara Rose Siskind, takes psilocybin to help with treatment-resistant depression. She convinced her therapist

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