Vets And Medical Cannabis: It’s The Least We Can Do

Recently, the VA launched of a new grants program on suicide prevention services for military veterans that specifically states that it won’t support any treatments involving the use of cannabis. We know that cannabis has been proven to help benefit veterans struggling with pain and insomnia, as well as symptoms of depression, anxiety and PTSD, but unfortunately only 50% of veterans that return from service seek help.

One thing I’m always on the lookout for is ways to support veterans with cannabis medicine. When I co-founded and operated Harborside, we were one of the first dispensaries to offer a veterans discount (15%), and we hosted free support groups to educate and help veterans with their physical ailments and PTSD. We also tried to show that our community cared for veterans with free alternative health services like yoga and reiki, and our free care package program for vets with low incomes. I recently met Tim Tofaute, the Director of Security & Operations with Operational Security Solutions (OSS).

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