Village of Fredonia 4-0 vote means marijuana dispensaries will be allowed –

The Fredonia Village Board made a decision to allow marijuana dispensaries.

FREDONIA, N.Y. — A resolution before the Fredonia Village Board was to opt-out of licensing and establishing retail cannabis dispensaries and on-site cannabis consumption establishments as authorized under Cannabis Law Article 4 within the Village of Fredonia. 

The board voted 4-0 against it which means, they will opt-in and allow the sale of marijuana within the village. 

Board trustee Evadawn Bashaw said, “The majority of us are in favor of dispensaries, so we thought, what a chicken thing to do to just leave it until December 31 and let it go. We thought, let’s make the statement because we believe that there should be some opportunities for dispensaries.”

Several residents addressed the board during the Monday evening meeting.

The village of Fredonia, according to Board Member Robert Britz “we have opted in” for cannabis dispensaries. Hear more tonight at 11 on Channel 2 @WGRZ #fredonia

— Claudine Ewing (@ClaudineWgrz) November 16, 2021

“I understand that marijuana is legal. I get it. And anybody in the state can use it. I get it. And I’m not. I’m not against

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